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Roemmelt for Delegate!!!

Yippee! Bruce Roemmelt (Firefighter, educator, veteran, 2005 candidate) is running for Virginia House of Delegates for the 13th district again. As many of you know, I am very proud to have worked in Bruce’s 2005 campaign to unseat Delegate Robert Marshall (who is way too concerned with what goes on in my private life for me). Please consider helping Bruce win election this November. Visit his website, contribute, volunteer, and help get him elected.

If you live anywhere in Virginia the outcome of this election matters to you, as Delegate Marshall is the author of the hateful marriage amendment that passed last year and Delegate Marshall just tried to sneak a law onto the books that would make contraception illegal in Virginia (HB2797, thanks Kenton).

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I know it’s a paid for commercial for the music group “Bastard Fairies” and that it was all scripted, but the truths coming out of this little girl’s mouth are so profound and so awesome that I had to share it. Also, the band is giving away their first album in MP3 format and asking people to download and share it if they like the music, Ido.

I am reading Sam Harris’ “The End of Faith” right now – so her diatribe about religion causing violence strikes a familiar chord in me. Anyway, enjoy. I downloaded the album “Momento Mori” and I am enjoying it – though I’d like to buy higher quality version I think.

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A few days ago I posted a message about “The Power of Nightmares” documentary, and friends on Daily Kos have pointed out a better source for the video if you want to try burning your own DVD of it or just watch the mpeg files rather than the stream off google video. The files and DVD ISO image are online at http://www.archive.org/details/ThePowerOfNightmares and Daily Kos member “monkey knife fight” has posted essentially the same information in his diary way back on June 10th, and I missed it then.

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Thanks goes to Alice Marshall for pointing out that Adam Curtis‘s fascinating BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares” is now available on google video. This documentary was first broadcast on BBC Two in the Fall of 2004. Later, it was adapted to a single 2.5 hour film for the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Now anyone can watch it on google video, and it is very much worth the effort. This documentary will challenge you to think carefully about the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 and the parallel rise to power of the neo-conservatives in America. It brings to light the infiltration of the traditional Republican party by the neo-conservatives and their overthrow of Kissinger and other pragmatists like him. It is three sessions at an hour each, so it takes a while to download. I opened the links in different windows, and let them download overnight and watched later. I recommend watching with a notepad handy, this will really make you think and want to do more research for yourself.

Three one hour episodes are available: Part 1 – Baby It’s Cold Outside Part 2 – The Phantom Victory Part 3 – The Shadows in the Cave frame from google video

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