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I have an unlocked, formerly AT&T, 32GB black iPhone 4S in absolutely mint condition (always been inside a LifeProof case) with original box and materials for sale. Contact me if interested. It is currently running iOS 8.1.2, but 8.1.3 is a trivial update for it.


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New Story About Horses

Some new event I want to brag about….

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My real blog is http://blog.scottnolan.org, enjoy!

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Needs no explanation at all.

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On June 10th, registered voters in Virginia’s 8th, 10th, and 11th United States Congressional districts will get to vote in open (to all registered voters) primary elections. Virginia scheduled primaries for all districts, but in all the other districts either no candidates filed in time, or only one did from each party, or the party in that district is deciding by convention or caucus.

The United States Senate race to replace retiring Senator John Warner will have no primary because Mark Warner is unchallenged on one side, and because the other side is choosing via convention/caucus rather than allow cross-over voters to mess with their selection.

You can vote in only the Democratic or Republican primary, not both, and whichever way you vote that day you can elect to vote differently later. Voting in one party’s primary does not register you as part of that party, but it is a matter of public record that you voted in that party’s primary that election.

So, if you are in the 8th district, your choices are:

Jim Moran, incumbent
Matthew Famiglietti

Mark Ellmore
Amit Sing

If you are in the 10th district, your choices are:

Frank Wolf, incumbent
Vern McKinley

Judy Feder
Mike Turner

Voters in the 11th have a little more freedom, there is no Republican primary, and there is a four way race amongst the Democrats (this means Republicans are free to help pick their opinion of the best Democrat, or that they are free to try to get the least electable Democrat nominated so their candidate has a better chance in November; I am not sure how this will pan out, just reporting the facts):

Gerry Connolly
Leslie Byrne
Lori Alexander
Doug Denneny

It is worth noting that in November the 11th district ballot will include at least two additional names:
Keith Fimian (Republican)
Joe Oddo (Independent-Green)

Note: Virginia’s Independent-Green Party is different from the Virginia Green Party. Many people get them confused, I expect there to be a GP candidate for the 11th as well, or for the GP to endorse one of the Democrats if the right one (in the GP’s opinion) wins the nomination.

This post is non-partisan, unbiased, and pure information for voters, but I will comment on it in a day or two about the candidates listed above, and commenters are welcome to express themselves too.

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Tuesday Night

Tuesday night Erci and I celebrated the 14th anniversary of our marriage. It just does not seem like that long. We get to celebrate twice a year because we did the legal transaction about 8 months before we pulled together the big scary public ceremony. We’ve had a fabulous adventure together so far.

Fourteen years ago she was a database administrator at the Defense Intelligence Agency, actively fighting with rattan in the Society for Creative Anachronism, cooking medieval foods for her friends and household, bicycling, already involved in La Belle Compagnie, traveling to NATO (Brussels) and London quite often for work, and she had ferrets (I still miss Mudge and Newt).
Back then I was still in the United States Air Force on active duty, stationed at the Pentagon, flirting with everyone in the SCA, tinkering with my Amiga computer, running, playing occasional games of pickup football (the kind with goalies) with locals, and bicycling all over the Washington Area. She was unstoppable. She amazed me. She still does.

We’ve lived apart (the USAF sent me to freakin’ Omaha for about 7 months of enforced separation). We’ve been in tiny apartments, a small townhouse, and two very large homes. When I got out of the USAF my income jumped so much that I literally paid more in taxes for 1995 than I grossed for all of 1994! We gradually got less involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism as we got more involved with La Belle Compagnie and as we got very involved with ballroom dancing. She pulled me into La Belle, and I pulled her into Scuba diving, and Marine Aquariums. She helped me re-discover Buddhism. We’ve had several more ferrets, and now a cat and several aquariums. We’ve traveled to England, Jamaica, Mallorca, Greece, Turkey, Curacao, Cozumel, Belize, Bonaire, Japan, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Michigan, California, Arizona, Nevada, and New York together. She has become a chef, part-time, while continuing to be an amazing IT professional at work. We have had the opportunity to build our dream home. She is still unstoppable, and I am still amazed.

Tuesday night we went to Le Tire Bouchon, a cozy and quiet little traditional French restaurant in old Fairfax. There were ony two other couples there at that time, and one couple finished and left shortly after we got there. We had excellent food, good wine, and got to talk a lot (mostly about work, but talking about anything is fun with her).

She remains my partner, sharing the awesome adventure of life with me as an equal. Sometimes she leads, sometimes I do. We are incredibly blessed and fortunate to have many, many close friends. She’s cooking up another Windjammer cruise to someplace warm and exciting.

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First Day Back at Work

Today was my first full day back at work, and it was grueling. My heros are co-workers Peter and Uwe who brilliantly covered the most critical projects while I was out and even managed to make progress on them. I was really tired after a day of work and another follow-up with the doctor. Turns out I already have little post-surgical polyps growing back in (surprised the doctor a little). She pulled a few out, OUCH! I see her again next week where she’ll pull them out for real. I hope this is not the beginning of a new trend.

Ready for sleep now.

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