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I know it’s a paid for commercial for the music group “Bastard Fairies” and that it was all scripted, but the truths coming out of this little girl’s mouth are so profound and so awesome that I had to share it. Also, the band is giving away their first album in MP3 format and asking people to download and share it if they like the music, Ido.

I am reading Sam Harris’ “The End of Faith” right now – so her diatribe about religion causing violence strikes a familiar chord in me. Anyway, enjoy. I downloaded the album “Momento Mori” and I am enjoying it – though I’d like to buy higher quality version I think.


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Last night Erci and I went to see Noche Flamenca at Wolf Trap after a quiet sushi dinner at Hama Sushi (which has become our favorite regular sushi restaurant). The saki and sushi were terrific, and helped Erci calm down from a particularly harrowing day at work (her team is immersed in a sense of impending doom lately).

Soledad Barrio, Alejandro Granados, and Juan Ogalla were each stunning as dancers, both together and as soloists. It was a sticky, humid night, but the dancers did not hesitate to give stunning performances even though they were obviously quite hot. Juan was visibly soaked by the middle of his solo dance routine, and he kept turning up the intensity anyway.   Juan Ogalla photo courtesy of nocheflamenca.com

Wolf Trap’s Filene Center has interesting acoustics, and sometimes I have not been fond of them, but for classical guitar that is lightly amplified the stadium really shines. The guitar players played fantastic and rich music and the sound came through to us in the seats perfectly. It was like being right next to the guitar while these amazing players made their instruments sing.

Interesting anecdote: it was vastly easier getting out of the parking lot after this show than it was getting out after Gypsy Kings and Chicago recently; the crowd was far more polite and turn taking was reasonable and pleasant.

Tonight I look forward to the Ian Anderson concert, also at Wolf Trap. What a season!

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Yesterday Erci accompanied me over to Atelier de la Charrette to help Bob and Peter, Winterbadger, and Bryan test a game of “VSF: Actions at Parroom Station” before Bob goes to Historicon to expose more steam punk fans and miniatures gamers to the allure of the Martian landscape. We arrived a little bit late and had to run Japanese and Prussian units along with Bryan’s Americans against a rebellion in Parroom Station itself, where Peter and Winterbadger were running insurgent royals and the rebel mob of Martian city dwellers.

that damned gun, revealed! Losses were atrocious, but the Imperial Earthmen barely managed to regain control of the city. An early indicator of how rough the action would be was Winterbadger’s brilliantly concealed gun taking out my entire unit of Japanese regulars with a single shot in the first turn of the game!
Note to self, charging into insurgent cities in flying column formation is perhaps a little impetuous and rash… It was a lot of fun. target rich environment
Prussion's entering the city We learned to make a few tweaks to the game scenario I think, and it was a pretty game. We took lots of pictures so Bob could post them online at Parroom Station when he gets time.

If you like gaming with miniatures and steam punk, or just want to see more Parroom Station, try catching Bob at Historicon next weekend in Lancaster, PA, where an example game will be run. If you can’t make it to the convention, check out Parroom Station online.

Pirates Movie Promotional Image All the Victorian SciFi action left us tired and hungry so we headed over to Herndon’s Worldgate for Charlie Chang’s yummy buffet & BBQ, then caught “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” with B&L. It was not as good as the first movie, but still lots of fun and a nice action-packed yarn. Stay through the closing credits if you go to see it, there is a silly surprise at the end.

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Last night sutragirl and I went up to Baltimore with Becca and Khoa to have dinner and see the Cirque du Soleil live music concert called Delirium. Traffic was bad on I-95 because of an accident at MD-198, so we diverted to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, which was very busy and moving slowly. We ended up grabbing a quick bite at an Afghan Kabob place on the corner of Charles & Lombard Streets. Man it was hot and humid outside. Baltimore Arena is now called 1st Mariner Arena (sigh), and I suspect it is normally a basketball and ice hockey arena. Not really set up for concert, but Cirque applied their usual amazing engineering team and came up with a very wide (as you face it) stage that had no depth (only about 18′ from front to back) because they had audience on both sides. All the numbers were set up to show well from both sides and they did amazing holographic tricks with thin curtains and projected images.

Nitza portrait A singer called Nitza opened for Delirium, and performed with them later in the show. Her music and her band are stunning, especially a bouzouki player. I was not stunned by her voice, but the music is awesome. We can’t wait for her first CD.

The show was music concert with a light sampling of Cirque signature acts throughout. Particularly impressive were the strongman/acrobats (team of four), the hoola-hoop juggling act with at least 7 hoops, and at least one fantastic popper (dancer). Some of the music was familiar from other Cirque shows, other pieces seemed new to me. The thin veils of curtains were used with video projectors to create a holographic dream-like of multiple layers. Really amazing show, do see it in your town if it comes near. capture from cirque du soleil.com

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Last night we went and saw the musical Chicago at Wolf Trap, it was very well done. I have sympathy for the performers and musicians for having to perform in the beastly heat and humidity (by opening number it had cooled down to 85F, but was still close to 90% humidity). The buffet at Ovations at Wolf Trap was very good. Stellar performances are delivered by Terra C. MacLeod (as Vema), Michelle DeJean (as Roxy), Carol Woods (as Mama), and Kevin Carolan (as Amos). Gregory Harrison (as Billy Flynn) can really sing beautifully, but I was disappointed in his dancing. I gather that Chicago (the band) will be playing Wolf Trap in August, so lots of people were confused when I said we were going to see Chicago at Wolf Trap. Life is fun sometimes. The show will be running through Sunday the 16th. photo of show courtesy of wolf-trap.org

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